Curtis Clark



B.S. from Morehouse College in 1970; an M.S. from the University of Chicago in 1972

Ph.D. University of Michigan in 1984
thesis: advisor: Thomas Storer

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Curtis Clark's Ph.D. advisor was Thomas F. Storer, the first Native American Ph.D. in Mathematics. Since earning his doctorate, Dr. Clark was Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics The University of Michigan 1984 - 1985; Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics Emory University 1985 -1986; Assistant Professor of Mathematics Georgia State University 1986 - 1990; Adjunct Professor(part-time) of Mathematics Spelman College 1991 - present; Associate Professor of Mathematics Clark Atlanta University 1994 - present; Morehouse College 1990 - present.


Dr. Curtis Clark's research interests are in Graph Theory, ultimately economical graph achievement games and their applications in the area of telecommunication, transportation, immunology, cryptography, and perhaps other areas. Dr. Clark has published 3 papers:

3. Clark, C., On Achieving channels in a bipolar game , DIMACS 34 (1996) American Mathematics Society, 23-26

2. Clark, C., On ultimately economical graphs , 250th Conference on Graph Theory, Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IND, March 15, 1986. Publications

1. Clark, C., F. Harary and T. Storer, Ultimately Economical Graphs . Congressus Numerantium, 64 (1988), 81 - 88.


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