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If you are interested in information about Blacks in Mathematics, I urge you to the "encyclopedic" website

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

The MAD LISTSERV is a ListServ =(automatic email program) for mathematics resarch (though sometimes, other things slip in).

Archives can be read by anyone at ???.

Membership is open to working mathematicians with some restrictions. The attention of the MAD LISTSERV is to promote joint mathematicial sciences research projects between blacks.

Members should submit information by email to

Non-Members can submit information to the ListServ Email: click

There are other listservs for blacks in mathematics (for example, Jim Curry's AARMS-ListServ) with a seemingly wider interest or participation and I encourage you to seek them out. There are listservs for research in mathematics at Math Forum.

Currently, the interest is not in Mathematics Education.

Do not send announcements for job positions, unless these are research stipends with no teaching required.

Do not send announcements on student awards.

Do not send mathematics papers. The membership of the Listserv will be of varied interest.

If you are interested in joining the Listserv write me. I am the owner. Membership to the ListServ is ultimately up to me. I maintain the right to delete anyone from the list I wish to.

Scott Williams:


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