Aakhut E. Bak
(formerly Fuad Uthman Muhammad)



B.A. (Physics) - 1982 University of Chicago

Ph.D. (Physics) - 1987 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

: Associate Professor of Physics Morehouse College

URL: http://www.morehouse.edu/dept/physics/facultyprofiles/bak.html
email: abak@morehouse.edu

Publications (Recent)
- C. S. Brown and A. E. Bak, 'The General Lorentz Transformation and its Applications to Deriving and Evaluating the Mueller Matrices of Polarization Optics,' Proc. SPIE 3754 (1999) 39.

- C. S. Brown and A. E. Bak, 'Unified Formalism for Polarization Optics with Application to Polarimetry on a Twisted Optical Fiber,'Optical Engineering 34 (1995) 1625.

- F. Muhammad and C. S. Brown, 'Lorentz Group Underpinnings for Jones and Mueller Calculi,' Proc. SPIE 2265 (1994) 337.


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