Warren Wesley Buck, III



Ph.D(1976) in Theoretical High Energy Physics from the College of William and Mary

Chancellor , University of Washington, Bothell

Dr Buck was the 1999 American Physical Society elected fellow for "Creating a Ph.D program in physics at Hampton University, pioneering several model programs to attract diverse students into physics, and involving minority educational institutions in physics research."

Since July 1999, Warren W. Buck has been Chancellor of the University of Washington Bothell, one of three University of Washington campuses, located 15 miles northeast of downtown Seattle.

 Prior to his joining the University of Washington, Chancellor Buck was a prominent member of a team that established the scientific program at the Department of Energy's Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia and was Founding Director of the predominantly National Science Foundation-funded Nuclear/High Energy Physics (NuHEP) Research Center of Excellence and Professor of Physics at Hampton University. The NuHEP Center faculty form one of the leading edge research groups in nuclear/high energy physics today.

Chancellor Buck is the recent recipient of The Hulon Willis Association Impact Award for greatly impacting the African-American community during his time at The College of William and Mary and also impacting HWA and the College Community.

Chancellor Buck is also the recipient of the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Mathematics, Science and Engineering (MSE) Network 2001 Giants in Science Award. The award recognizes outstanding teachers, mentors, and role models.

Enjoying an eclectic life, Chancellor Buck is an accomplished watercolor artist (see below) and yachtsman. He and his wife, Linda A. Horn, also an artist, supported themselves in the early eighties, as they sailed motorless for three years on their trimaran, Shadowfax. Chancellor Buck and his wife have two children.

more artwork here: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/administration/artwork.html


  1. ELECTRON BEAM CHARACTERISTICS OF A LASER DRIVEN PLASMA WAKE FIELD ACCELERATOR. By K.A. Assamagan, W.W. Buck, R. Ent, R.N. Green, P. Gueye, C. Keppel (Hampton U. & Jefferson Lab), S.Y. Chen, G. Mourou, D. Umstadter, R. Wagner (Michigan U.),. 1999.
    Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A438:265-276,1999
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  11. LONGITUDINAL / TRANSVERSE CROSS-SECTION SEPARATION IN P (E, E-PRIME K+) LAMBDA (SIGMA) FOR 0.5-GEV**2/C**2 <= Q**2 <= 2-GEV**2/C**2, W >= 1.7-GEV, AND T(MIN) >= 0.1-GEV**2/C**2. O.Keith Baker et al.. CEBAF-PROPOSAL-93-018, Apr 1993. 47pp. Proposal update PR91-022.
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  25. THE INTERACTION OF NUCLEONS WITH ANTI-NUCLEONS. 1. GENERAL FEATURES OF THE ANTI-N N SPECTRUM IN POTENTIAL MODELS. By W.W. Buck (SUNY, Stony Brook), C.B. Dover (Brookhaven), J.M. Richard (SUNY, Stony Brook & Paris U., VI-VII & Paris U., VI-VII),. BNL-23315, Sep 1977. 41pp. Published in Annals Phys.121:47,1979


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