Roosevelt Calbert



B.S. Jackson State University; Master of Arts for Teaching University of Michigan; MS (1971) plasma physics from the University of Kansas

Ph.D. (1971) in plasma physics from the University of Kansas

: Division Director, Human Resource Development, Education and Human Resources Directorate, NSF

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Dr. Roosevelt Calbert is the Division Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Human Resource Development (DHRD) has primary responsibility for broadening participation of individuals from underrepresented minority groups in science and engineering. To meet the challenges presented by the nation's accelerating needs in science and technology, DHRD is initiating a consolidated thrust to increase the presence of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering.

Calbert is a co-founder of Heritage Fellowship United Church of Christ in Reston Virginia.

Roosevelt Calbert, director of Human Resources Development at the National Science Foundation, attributes the dearth of Black scientist to a variety of factors including: the inadequate science requirements and teaching in most K-12 urban schools attended by most African American students; the lack of financial grants and scholarships bestowed on Black students in science; and the scarcity of mentors who can serve as role models and show African American youngsters how to handle the competitive aspects of science.

Moreover, Calbert attributes the lack of minority male scientist to peer pressure in which Black students interested in science are mocked for "not being macho." He also observed that many African Americans opt to become medical doctors because of the opportunity to earn more money.

"Some problems are financial. Another has to do with mentoring. Too many Black students don't have proper mentoring as undergraduates. And often parents don't offer enough support. Parents play a major role in a student's life who is interested in math or science," says Calbert.

We had help from Physicist Bruce Twarog who informed us that Dr. Calbert was not a mathematician who got a Penn State docotorate in 1971, but is a Physicist with the degrees shown above.

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