Larry D. Gladney

born: 1957


pre-doctoral institution:

doctoral institution: Ph.D., Stanford (1985)

area: Experimental Particle Physics

current employment. University of Pennsylvania



I am also involved in several projects to improve undergraduate teaching in science and mathematics. One of these is the Middle Atlantic Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications Throughout the Curriculum which is centered at Penn and for which I serve as one of the institutional principle investigators. As a part of this NSF-sponsored project, Tony Pietrovito, Dennis Deturck, and I are developing an interactive, online textbook for interdisciplinary teaching of physics, chemistry, and calculus.  



My current research project is building, along with many other physicists and engineers, the BaBar experiment for the PEP-II electron-positron collider at the Stanford Linear Acceleator Center in Menlo Park, California. My particular interest is in determining why our universe is dominated by matter rather than equal parts matter and antimatter. The BaBar experiment will study this question by looking at CP-violation in neutral B decays produced from the Upsilon 4S resonance. These studies will definitively determine whether the phenomenon of CP-violation can be explained completely by the Standard Model or needs new physics; an issue with deep implications for both particle physics and cosmology. To see one part of Penn's role in the experiment, take a look at the Penn Web page for the Level 3 trigger.


Selected Publications

1.F. Abe et al., "Measurement of the B(s) Meson Lifetime". By the CDF Collaboration. FERMILAB-PUB-94-420-E, Jan 1995. 18pp. Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 74:4988, 1995.

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3.F. Abe et al., "Evidence for Top Quark Production in Anti-P P Collisions at S**(1/2) = 1.8-TeV". By the CDF Collaboration. FERMILAB-PUB-94-116-E, May 1994. 17pp. Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 73:225-231, 1994.

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10.L. Gladney et al., "A Search for Supersymmetric Electrons". Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 51, pp. 2253-2256, 1983.  



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