Girma Hailu


place: Ethiopia?

Ph.D(2003) Harvard University
thesis: Chiral orbifold construction of field theories with extra dimensions; advisor: Howard Georgi

postdoc at Harvard 2002 in the High Energy Theory Group(HETG).


He has 5 publications. He's working in the Jefferson Laboratory of Physics, Harvard U., Cambridge, MA

  1. Girma Hailu, Howard Georgi ON EXACT SUPERPOTENTIALS, FREE ENERGIES AND MATRIX MODELS. HUTP-04-A002, Jan 2004. 14pp. Published in JHEP 0402:038,2004
  2. Girma Hailu QUANTUM MODULI SPACES OF LINEAR AND RING MOOSES. HUTP-02-A050, Sep 2002. 11pp. Published in Phys.Lett.B552:265-272,2003
  3. Girma Hailu, N=1 SUPERSYMMETRIC SU(2)**R MOOSE THEORIES. HUTP-02-A043, Sep 2002. 25pp. Published in Phys.Rev.D67:085023,2003
  4. Howard Georgi, Aaron K. Grant, Girma Hailu, BRANE COUPLINGS FROM BULK LOOPS. HUTP-00-A030, Dec 2000. 10pp. Published in Phys.Lett.B506:207-214,2001
  5. Howard Georgi, Aaron K. Grant, Girma Hailu, CHIRAL FERMIONS, ORBIFOLDS, SCALARS AND FAT BRANES. HUTP-00-A029, Jul 2000. 14pp. Published in Phys.Rev.D63:064027,2001


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