Anthony M. Johnson

birth: 1954


pre-doctorate education

doctoral institution: City University of New York (City)

current employment and position:


Anthony Johnson is chairperson and distinguished professor in the department of physics at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Johnson spent 14 years conducting research at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey. His research has been in the general area of ultrafast optics and optoelectronics. He has to his credit nearly 60 refereed publications, two book chapters and four U.S. patents.

In 1989 he became Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Topical Editor of Optics Letters. . In 1991 he became a Fellow member of the Board of Directors (93-96) and Board of Editors (96-98) of the Optical Society of America, in 2000 he became its Vice President. In 1995 he became Editor-in-Chief of Optical Letters. Dr. Anthony Johnson is recipient of the American Physical Society's 1996 Edward A. Bouchet Award.

references: [Faces of African Americans in Science], [African American Presence in Physics]



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