William A. Lester

born: 1937

Dr. Lester was one of the first researchers to solve the nuclear Schroedinger equation for cross-sections and rate constants for atom-molecule energy transfer using full quantum treatment. He is a major developer of the quantum Monte Carlo method for the calculation of energies and other properties of molecular systems.

William Lester's distinguished career includes work at the IBM Research Laboratory in San Jose, Calif. As director of the National Resource for Computation in Chemistry, he organized and directed the nation's first unified effort in computational chemistry. His focus there was on improving the efforts or computational chemists by making available information on new methodologies, development of computational algorithms and related software, as well as research in chemistry that uses computational methods.

Since 1981, Dr. Lester has been associated with the U.C.Berkeley where he is presently a chemistry professor. He is also a Senior Fellow for Science and Engineering.


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