Walter E. Massey

birth: Hattiesburg, Mississippi April 5, 1938

pre-doctorate education: B.S. Morehouse College (1958); M.S. Washington University in St. Louis

doctoral institution: Ph.D. (Physics 1966) from Washington University
thesis: Ground State of Liquid Helium-Boson Solutions for Mass 3 and 4.

current employment and position:

Dr. Massey is one of the country's leading science administrators. After his doctorate, from 1970, Massey was a member of the Brown University Physics Department. He Associate Professor in 1970 and a full Professor in 1975. He served as Director of Argonne National Laboratory from the late 70's through the middle 80's during a period of severe budget constraints. Following his tenure as Argonne's Director, he served as Vice-President for Research at the University of Chicago with Argonne National Laboratory being under his supervision via the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) contract with the University of Chicago to run that laboratory. Subsequently, Dr. Massey served as the Director of the National Science Foundation under President George Bush. Following that appointment, he served as Senior Vice-President and Provost of the University of California System. And presently, Dr. Massey is serving as the President of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Massey was NSBP interim president, 1977-1978.

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