William W. Quivers, Jr.



Morehouse College - BS 1969 ; M. I. T. - MS 1972

M. I. T. - PhD.1982

: Associate Professor, Wellesley University.

URL: http://www.wellesley.edu/Physics/wquivers/quivers.html

email: wquivers@wellesley.edu

Dr. Quivers has been a faculty member at Wellesley since 19983 and tenured since 1989.

Research interests:

Lasers in Nuclear Physics, Atomic Collisions


"Observation of Sub-Doppler Laser Induced Nuclear Orientation of 85mRb", Laser Spectroscopy IX, ed. by M.S. Feld, J.E. Thomas, and A Mooradian, Academic Press, NY (1989), 351.

"Laser Applications to Fundamental Weak Interaction Studies", Phys. Rev., July, 1989. "Sub-Doppler Nuclear Detection of Laser-Induced Orientation of 85Rbm", Physical Review Letters, April, 1991.

"Direct Measurement of Velocity-Changing Cross Sections by Laser Optical Pumping", G. Shimkaveg, W.W. Quivers, Jr., R.R. Dasari, and M.S. Feld, Phys. Rev A48, 1409, August,1993.

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