Willie Rockward



B.S. Physics - 1988 Grambling State University; M.S. Applied Physics - 1994 Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Optics/Laser Physics - 1997 Georgia Institute of Technology

: Assistant Professor of Physics, Morehouse College

URL: http://www.morehouse.edu/dept/physics/facultyprofiles/rockward.html
email: wrockwar@morehouse.edu

Current Research

1. The development of an understanding and control of asymmetric intensity distributions of crossed phase elements as light modulators and passive optical switching devices for optical communication and military applications.
2. The expansion of crossed diffraction grating research using diffractive optics by developing a Micro-optics Fabrication Laboratory for undergraduate education and research.
3. The development of an exploratory method to characterize laser-tissue interaction for prostate cancer treatment (laser prostatectomy)


W.S. Rockward and D.C. O'Shea, "Crossed phase gratings using diffractive optical elements," Applied Optics, volume 37 (1998).

D.C. O'Shea and W.S. Rockward, "Light modulation from crossed phase gratings," Optics Letters volume 23 (1998).

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