Dereje Seifu


place: Ethiopia

pre-doctorate education: B.Sc. (Physics - 1982), M.Sc. (Physics - 19985) University of Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; M.Sc. (Physics - 1989) University of Cincinnati

doctoral institution: University of Cincinnati (Physics - 1994)

current employment and position: Morgan State University




1 Oliver, F.W., Seifu, D., et al, Transmission Mössbauer Spectroscopy on Pulsed Laser Deposited
Thick Ferrite Films
. (submitted for publication), Applied Physics Letters, 1998.

2. Wynter, C., Hoffman, E.,Hammond, E., Seifu, D., et al, Mössbauer & SEM Study of the Axtel
., (submitted for publication ), Meteoretics, 1998.

3. Seifu, D., Analysis of Mössbauer Spectra on PC, (submitted for publication), IEEE Trans. On
Education , 1998.

4. Seifu, D., et al, Magnetic properties of nanoscale Sm0.25Zr0.75Fe3 produced by mechanical
., J. of Magnetism and Magnetic Matter, in press 1998.

5. Seifu, D., et al, Study of Mechanically Alloying Sm and Fe., J. of Applied Physics, Vol. 81, No. 8, 1997.



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