Augustine J. Smith


place: Sierra Leone

B.Sc. Physics - 1970 University of Sierra Leone; M.Sc. Physics - 1974 Oregon State University

Ph.D. Physics - 1978 Oregon State University

: Associate Professor of Physics Morehouse College




United Nations University Fellow, 1986

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, 1989


Current Research: US Department of Energy funded research on "X-ray spectroscopy of n = 3-1, 4-1, and 5-1 transitions in Heliumlike Ar XVII, Ti XXI, and Cr XXIII".

Recent Publications

A.J. Smith, P. Beiersdorfer, K.J. Reed, A. L. Osterheld, V. Decaux, K. Widmann, and M. Chen, Ratios of n=3-1 Intercombination to Resonance Line Intensities for Heliumlike ion with Intermediate Z-values, Phys. Rev. A 62 012074 (2000).

A.J. Smith, P. Beiersdorfer, K. Widmann, M. Chen, and J.H. Scofield, Measurement of Resonant Strengths for Dielectronic Recombinations of Heliumlike Ar^16+, Phys. Rev. A 62 052717 (2000).

A. J. Smith, P. Beiersdorfer, V. Decaux, K. Kidmann, K. J. Reed, and M. Chen, Measurement of the Contribution of High-n Satellites of the KBeta Lines of He-like Ar^16+. Phys. Rev. A54, 462 (1996).


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