Lawnie Taylor

birth: 1920


in Physics B.S., M.S. Columbia University

University of South California

Taylor is the chief of market Development and training in the Department of Energy's solar offices, plans, and directs programs to commercialize government resarch on solar technologies.


Before joining the Energy Research and Development Administration in 1975, Taylor managed his own building system engineering firm in Los Angeles, California. Previous to his company in California, Lawnie Taylor served as scientific research and managment position at Columbia Univeristy's Nuclear Laboratory, At Aerojet-General Corporation's nuclear rocket project, and the Xerox Corporation's space program. Taylor received a NASA award for his development of an Apollo experiment. 

Dr. Taylor has been involved in the community in addition to his professional duties. He has served as a newspaper publisher and founded several local California organizations dealing with housing, education, and economic development in low-income communitites. Taylor has also written publications on science and technology, education, and equal opportunity.

Much of the material above comes from Faces of African Americans in Science.

references: [FAAS]; [BCSET]


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