Ph.D. graduates of the Bell Labs CRFP Program

Thomas Harrison, Robert Thornton, Marc Hannah 1999


The Cooperative Research Fellowship Program was started at Bell Labs in 1972. It has funded over 120 minority Ph.D.'s in the sciences and engineering since that time. Here is a list of the African Americans in the program who have gone to earn a Ph.D. in the Mathematical Sciences.

Duane Cooper (Mathematics)
Teresa Edwards (Operations Research)
Louise Brown Hosseini-Nasab (Operations Research)
Sidney Harris (Operations Research)
Illya Hicks (Operations Research)
Charles Isbell (Computer Science)
Otis Jennings (Operations Research)
Mark Lewis (Operations Research)
Iris Mack (Mathematics)
William Massey (Mathematics)
Arlie Petters (Mathematics)
Mark Smith (Computer Science)
Pamela Williams (Operations Research)

A May 2000 note from graduate Bill Massey:

The year that I was awarded a [Bell Labs CRFP] fellowship was 1977. My co-awardees were Dr. Robert Thornton, Dr.. Walter Lowe (currently a Physics professor at Howard University), and Dr. Marc Hannah (co-founder of Silicon Graphics).

By coincidence, all four of us went to Stanford for graduate school. Robert (undergrad at Cal Tech) got his Ph.D. in Applied Physics (around '83), Walter (undergrad at North Carolina A&T) in Physics (around '83), and Marc (undergrad Illinois Institute of Technology) in Electrical Engineering (maybe '82).

In the photo at the top, Robert Thornton is the person in the middle and Marc Hannah is on the right. The guy on the left is Dr. Thomas Harrison who works at Sandia Laboratories. He is another CRFP alum who got his Ph.D. from Stanford in EE (undergrad at Howard).

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