Here is a list of all Black folks who have earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley



After the name I have included the year.

I'd appreciate your help with any I have missed. I need the year too. CONTACT

University of California at Berkeley online archive

In Mathematics
Lloyd K. Williams, 1956
John Gilmore, 1961
Robert Abernathy, 1962
 Annie Marie (Watkins) Garraway, 1967
Michael Payne 1973
James Howard Curry,1976
Gerald Raphael Chachere, 1977
Carroll J. Guillory, 1978
 Karolyn Ann Morgan, 1978
Wesley Thompson, 1978, advisor David Blackwell
Samuel Omoloye Ajala 1979
Daniel Arthur Williams 1980
Peter David Nash, 1982 
Darry Andrews, 1985
Busiso Chisala,1986
Richard Lance Baker, 1987
Nathaniel Whitaker, 1987
Paul Wright, 1988
 Janis Oldham, 1990
Duane Cooper, 1993
Fred Semwogerere,1994
Enoch Zulu Xaba, 1997 

In Mathematics Education

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