reading list

Here is a selction of books we recommend.

  1. George Gheverghese Joseph, The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, Penguin Books 1991.
  2. I. Van. Sertima, Blacks in Science, Transactions Books, 1983.
  3. Claudia Zaslavsky, Africa Counts: Number and Pattern in Africa Culture, Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, 1973.
  4. R J Gillings, Mathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs, Cambridge, MA. (1982).
  5. Paulus Gerdes, Geometry from Africa : Mathematical and Educational Explorations, Published 1999 by The Mathematical Association of America; Washington DC, 1999. ISBN 0-88385-715-4
  6. Silvio A. Bedini, The Life of Benjamin Banneker, Scribner, New York, 1972.
  7. V. K. Newell, J. H. Gipson, L. W. Rich, and B. Stubblefield, Black Mathematicians and their Works, Dorrance & Company, 1980


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