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Mathematics Help Center

Free, walk-in tutoring in the Mathematics Department
Courses: MTH 115, 121, 122, 131, 141, 142, 241, 306
Location: Rooms 107 and 110 of the Mathematics Building
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM on days when classes are in session.

Tutoring and Help

Advice and resources for getting help in mathematics courses

  • Office hours: for Professors and Teaching Assistants, see the course syllabus and/or course webpage for their office hours. To see a Professor and T.A. at other times, please contact the individual to make an appointment.

  • Private tutors: A list of private tutors is posted in the Main Department Office.

  • Academic Advisement holds Academic Success Workshops, as well as other valuable information for succeeding in college.
  • Missing an Exam: If you miss (or are about to miss) an exam, please speak to the Professor as soon as you can to determine the policy on missed exams, and (possibly) to reschedule the exam.

  • Incompletes: If you are unable to complete a course for a documented medical reason after successfully completing the first half, please request an incomplete ('I' grade) from the Professor.

  • Retaking courses: Undergraduates may retake any course once, for purposes of improving a grade. See repeat policy. The new grade will replace the old grade in GPA computations, however both the old grade and the new grade appear on the transcript.

  • Other Academic Issues: For other problems, you may wish to speak to your academic advisor, EOP counselor, SEAS advisor, Athletics coach/advisor, or to Patti Wieclaw in the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Are You Ready Quiz/Review Programs

Are You Ready for Calculus I, Calculus II, ... is a collection of Web-based quiz/review programs to test and hone the skills you will need in courses on Calculus and Differential Equations, among others.

Project Motherhen

141/142 Project Motherhen is an online collection of video lectures made by Professor Piech for MTH 141 and MTH 142.

Student Response Center

The Student Response Center is the main UB page for student/university administration of course schedules, financial aid, billing issues, etc.

Open Online Courses in Mathematics

Open Online Courses has an extensive collection of resources for courses in Mathematics at all levels.