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African American History Museums

Christian Science Monitor's Black History Month page

African American History in Western New York from 1770 to 2000. Includes information on Tubman, Douglass, DuBois, the Niagara movement. (new web address)

IMPORTANT YAHOO LINK: African American History Links
Maya Angelou Speaks at the MMM
See and hear "Lift Every Voice and Sing" at the Million Man March
The Last Poets. In the context of civil rights, their1969/70 poetry and activities are well-worth reading and listening to.
The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt

Despite the web address, there is African American history at
Black history month web page on CNN Interactive. Read about restoring faith in Adam Clayton Powell, or Black expatriates like Josephine Baker, or Selma Alabama, or Goree Island off Senegal, or playright August Wilson.
Harlem Renaissance Bibliography

Harlem Renaissance Links
Egyptopolgy Links
Fort Mose: Free African Settlement - about a 1738 free African settlement in Florida
Flashback: Black History, American History - 100 years of The Slave Voices from Duke Univ. Library

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Atlantic Monthly articles on African Americans. In depth articles on Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois
Alliance for West Virginia Black History

Time Line of African American History, 1852-1880
African American History Pamphlets Home Page
Underground Railroad in Rochester

Thurgood Marshall
Roy Wilkins Memorial
The African American Soldier in the U.S. Army, 1866-1920's
Afro-American Studies by an Afro-Britisher
National Civil Rights Museum
'Detroit New's African American History
Malcolm X page
Selections from The African-American Mosaic:
"COLORED" SOLDIERS - A monument to African American soldiers who fought in the Civil War will be built in 1997. The memorial will include the names of over 200,000 "United States Colored Troops" who fought in the war between the states inscribed on metal plates affixed to a granite wall. The names of the soldiers are currently accessible through the internet for family members and interested parties to peruse. Visitors to the web site will be able to search for a particular solider by his last name and learn about the regiment he served in and background on the unit.
On GOPHER, The Emancipation Proclamation

Black History and Literature
Historically Black Colleges & Universities' Web sites
AFRICAN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST - tour of the many atrocities committed against Black Americans. The Holocaust will be traced the from Goree Island to the present.
Black Wallstreet

The Clarence Thomas hearings
Booker T. Washington National Monument home page
Negro Leagues Baseball Online
Gullah Excursion 1996 Gwine Home
RASTAMAN'S INCREDIBLE SITE: Read up on Marcus Garvey, Selassie, History of The Ethiopian World Federation Inc., reggae, and lots of other stuff.
African American History in Western New York from 1770 to 2000.
Black American West Museum and Heritage Center

University of Michigan's Center for Afroamerican & African Studies The 366th Infantry Regiment
Events and People in Black History
African American History
It All Started on Winters Lane
Martin Luther King Home Page
Sound samples of the"I Have a Dream" speech.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech
A Brief History of the Black Panther Party
Afro-American History Page

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